Perinatal Mental Health and Birth Trauma are common for mums and mums-to-be to experience and suffer from. There are many places that offer more specific support and help than what a GP can offer you. 

'The term perinatal cover the time period from the moment of conception until the child is 2. Some women aren’t diagnosed until their child is 2 or beyond but might have had symptoms of depression or anxiety for some time.

We use the phrase ‘mental health’ because it covers a broader spectrum – many people may not suffer depression, but battle with anxiety, stress, PTSD/birth and perinatal trauma and OCD for example.'

See below some helpful links to organisations that can offer tailored support to those experiencing this:

Juno Perinatal Mental Health Support

Inspiring Scotland - Perinatal Services - A listing of all support and help organisations in your area.

Birth Trauma Scotland

Birth and Beyond - Sarah Wheatley, a counsellor and parent/infant therapist who works with Juno

Tricia Murray - Therapist who works with Juno to support mums/mums-to-be

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